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Magnum Opus 7.8

Create funny personalized crossword puzzles


  • Possibility to tailor grids
  • Updatable dictionary
  • Helpful word-matching tool


  • Poor design and navigation


Crossword Express is a program that allows you to quickly create tailored crossword puzzles. In the main menu you have many different functions to choose from. You can select between making standard puzzles, creating 'classroom' puzzles, and 'special interest' puzzles, which can have user-specified word-lists. You can also create specific dictionaries and edit their contents to include hints which can help your users solve your puzzles more easily.

When you create a standard puzzle you can choose from a selection of grids or invent a new one. You can start writing words in columns and lines and ask for suggestions when you are not sure which words fit the space available. There is also the possibility to solve a crossword if you feel like playing.

Also interesting are the tools that find matching words, anagrams, contained words and container words. They make it fun to play with words alone or with others and you can add the latest idioms and definitions to the dictionary so you'll always be totally up-to-date.

Having said that, the application's design leaves a lot to be desired, as not all the buttons are very clear. Also, finding your way around the program's different features can be tricky.

Despite some design flaws, Crossword Express is a fun program to share with friends, and which can also help you increase your vocabulary.

You are about to discover the easiest way to make Standard and Freeform Crossword Puzzles, WordSearch Puzzles, Acrostic, Sudoku, and Kakuro Puzzles, and many others...

Schoolteachers. Add interest to classroom activities for your students with word puzzles. Use WordSearch puzzles to teach word recognition skills to junior students, and crossword puzzles for vocabulary and general course revision for older students. Purchase the Pro version of Crossword Express, and you will be able to install the program on every Windows and Macintosh computer within your school.

Professional Puzzle Makers. Add a range of additional puzzles to your repertoire using Crossword Express Pro. The free upgrade service will give you even more variety as new puzzles are added in the future.

Publishers of newspapers and magazines. Give your readers a wide range of puzzles for their solving enjoyment. Most puzzles can be given a local flavor by including clues or hidden messages relating to your own city or town.

Puzzle hobbyists. Surprise your family and friends with personalized puzzles for birthdays, Christmas and other significant occasions.

Magnum Opus


Magnum Opus 7.8

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